About me

Quisha Joacin is a creative strategist based in New York. Qui received her first degree in Fashion, Marketing, and Merchandising from the Art Institute of New York City in 2012. In 2021, she will obtain another degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Direct and Interactive Marketing.


Quisha is a creative who believes the best way to captivate an audience is by creating an experience they will never forget. The skills and knowledge Qui have accumulated throughout the years through her educational and work experiences with fashion and marketing powerhouses, such as IMG NY Fashion Week and On-Board Experiential Marketing, has given her the inside view of their marketing tactics, strengths, and advantages needed to successfully market your business.

Qui's past experience consist of 10+ years with visual merchandising for high traffic flagship stores in NYC such as Gap, American Eagle, and luxury designer Carlise, 7+ years Qui experienced bi-coastal entertainment/lifestyle broadcast journalism, 3+ years of managerial marketing experience with Heartland Brewery, and 3+ years in the productions of experiential events with agencies such as On-Board Experiential Marketing and Fresh&co. Qui’s knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) and comprehensive social media systems has aided in her success of her personal brand Qui Talks, a web series talk show.